About us

Professionals with 20 years of retail experience provide you with quality clothing and accessories. Our husband and wife owners were inspired to start the business after noticing a road sign with a 65-miles-per-hour speed limit. Based on that sign's meaning, they decided to control their own destiny by moving at 65 and beyond. Our goal is to create apparel that is different from all other clothing lines.


The speed limit sign "65 Max" is our corporate creative concept focused on the needs of the urban generation. 65 Max will maintain a financial balance while delivering state-of-the-art quality products to our customers. We will make our clothing accessible throughout our community by establishing an online presence with value and fashion.

Why do we sell our music for $9.99? It is the competition rate that keeps us competitive.

What makes the music special? It stays current with today's music.

Young Man Smiling with Headphones


We will provide to our customers 100% shipping of high-quality apparel at a reasonable price, implementing excellent customer service. With our slogan "Follow The Road To 65 Max," it is our intention to amaze each customer visiting the website by displaying our custom logo design(s) on men and women's clothing and accessories. Additionally, our logo gives customers a peek into our imaginary mind and to envision our creative concept.


Our casual hip-hop apparel is manufactured and designed to last through normal wear and tear resulting from machine washing and drying methods. The loss over time in the value of our garments will not affect the decline in its value or the deterioration resulting from ordinary use. All pieces will have normal depreciation at a slow and steady rate.


The most commonly used method of depreciation, which results from loss, will come from the customer not following the guidelines implemented on our custom-stamped tag. This display provides washing and wearing instructions that will take away or cause a minimal of depreciation percentage over time while our custom-designed logo keeps its ending value.